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About us...

Small batch cooking

Our delivery service


Bob and Mary started Bob's Broiled Chicken a year after they were married in 1991.  Bob was born and raised in Portsmouth in a fisherman family.  Since then, we have insisted on the only the freshest ingredients and simple foods.

 We give back to the wonderful Portsmouth community by ongoing support of the NH Food Bank.  

We cook out foods in small batches to ensure freshness.  However, this means that sometimes certain items will temporarily sell out.  Don't worry.  We will be back in stock quickly.

We use a third party delivery service, Takeout Guys in Kittery, Maine. Please go online to to order.   Please allow time for safe delivery and know we have no control over delivery times and condition of food. Best to order foods that can travel for and hour or more.  In general, fried foods are best eaten in our dining room not delivered.

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